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Hyprcubd featured in Startland News!

Featured In Startland News

It is truly an honor to have been featured in Startland News (the “Techcrunch of the Central Midwest)…we cannot convey how thrilled we are to have been thought of!

From the beginning, our mission was simple: make it easy for companies to solve real-world problems through technology. Early on, we decided to approach this goal by creating an incredibly efficient time-series database so companies could access their data faster, and for significantly less than the major cloud-based database companies were charging. The more we got to know some of the companies trying to attack sophisticated problems through merging physical devices with technology solutions, the more we realized that the entire process was harder than it had to be.

The open-source options were cheap until they were expensive, and generally didn’t work well with one another. This would often become a problem when a company would need to upgrade their features to match what the customer was asking for. The problem was that they could not do so without being limited by the lack of flexibility their cobbled-together infrastructure would allow. Or even worse, the companies would look to build the features on top of their quilted solutions, and the entire thing would break.

Seeing how hard it was to create the future is what inspired us to make it cheaper and easier, with a plug-and-play solution that made everything just “work.” As our Startland News’ quote conveyed:

“The industry is difficult to navigate. It’s difficult to know where to start, to piece together everything needed from the backend, to make sure the device talks to the app, to ensure the infrastructure is efficient and to decide what services to use…” -Jess Phillips

We look forward to continuing to share our story as we move towards our goal of democratizing innovation. In the meantime, we welcome you to check out the story on Startland News.

Jess & Nick

Founders of Hyprcubd

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