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Hyprcubd’s edge-to-cloud backend allows you to solve pain points and bottlenecks through data-rich integrated solutions, so you can skip the months of development and get back to what makes an impact for your company.

We believe that creating the future is too hard right now. You have to piece together several platforms and hope that they play nice. Then, after you’ve invested in each one, and something changes, we don’t believe you should have to deal with the chain reaction of having to set everything back up so it works together again.

After seeing it happen countless times, we decided we needed to create an “easy” button. So our team of dozens worked day-and-night until we finally had an all-in-one platform that could replace complicated setups, or be installed without changing your current setup in as little as 15 minutes and a few lines of code. This allowed us to make it easy for company leaders to have faster access to their data, visualized, and without having to stitch together several platforms. This makes upgrading your product or platform features easy, and your IoT devices happy.

Device to value

Reduced time-to-market by easy onboarding existing devices and data migration by our team for historical data.

One-stop solution

Fully integrated with all services provided by us under one roof. They do not need to send data elsewhere to get analytics.

Economic Value

Predictable pricing with a package based approach priced per device per month. No calculator required.

Carrier Integration

Work with carriers to integrate SIM card management. Ability to activate/deactivate SIM card.  Track data usage.

Device Management

Add/Remove devices/ show stats, version, battery, etc.

On-demand customer service and support

1 on 1 Data Migration and Onboarding

Fully managed solution with 24/7 monitoring

Data flow processing

Monitor for data and direct data to a database table.

Easy to use

Designed for Founders, Data Scientists, and Developers.

Geographic Map

Show locations of all devices.

our solutions



Monitor the health of devices, machinery, organic materials and animals. Identify irregularities, track movement, geofence areas, setup alerts for changes.

Asset tracking

Chart the path history, oscillations, speed, latitude, and behaviors of items and fleets.


Identify who is doing what when. Monitor heat signatures, processes being followed, and have data alerts to minimize losses and protect safety.

Environment management

Have the ability to connect lots of different types of inputs, sensors and data collectors, and merge with real-world occurrences.


Connect systems to see who is sick, with what, in what parts of the building. Can help do everything from managing triage to minimizing disease spread.

Industrial manufacturing

See defects automatically, visualize the health of equipment, and know what is going to break, when. Your equipment has a heartbeat.

Fleet management

Understand your drivers better. Get all the information you need to maximize efficient delivery, prevent malfunctions, and secure your supply chain.

Machine data intelligence

Layer A.I. and machine learning over your current device data, so it can pickup anomalies before they impact the bottom line.


Track products, follow the customer journey, optimize advertising, and be able to tie in complex factors like emotional purchasing and product attributes even for small buisinesses.

Smart cities

Smart cities require that large amounts of data be extracted, analyzed, made actionable, and stored affordably. We also add searchable, visualized data with AI.


Data has become an integral part of sports. Do more for less with real-time device-to-cloud data analysis, and affordable data storage with no mystery fees.


Be a part of the lifecycle of the items being shipped, from food temperature and ripeness, to freight jostling and data for more precise delivery prediction.


Take control of usage and solve problems before they happen by integrating sensors with flow algorithms and A.I.


Set complex geofences that can change throughout a time cycle. Be alerted if there are deviations in normal patterns, monitor device health, and get data fast.

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